Dario LLC

When quarantine first began, my roommates and I wanted to start a project to keep our minds busy. We quickly identified a shared pain point: setting up meetings with other students took way too long. Much of it was guessing when they were free and proposing times we thought might work, which resulted in lots of back and forth. This shared annoyance became the origin of Dario. Dario is a conversational, personal assistant that people can text to help them better schedule meetings. After sending a text (“Schedule a meeting with Alice, Bob, and Charlie sometime in the next two weeks”), Dario checks your calendar and contacts the meeting participants to determine the best time available for everyone. What began as a weeklong hackathon before everyone went home for the semester turned into an ongoing passion project that we aspire to convert into a full-fledged business.

On the back end, I was instrumental to creating our core infrastructure: writing our OAuth2 service, Google Calendar library, smart contact lookup, and central broker (responsible for handling the incoming ‘make meeting’ request, contacting all the participants, and handing off the final meeting objects).

Check us out at schedulewithdario.com.